Identify tomorrow's news today

Brasidas Group offers premium, bespoke business intelligence and risk advisory services based on the Swiss tenets of quality, discretion, reliability, veracity, and timeliness. As a global advisory partner, our objective is to identify tomorrow’s international news today and deliver relevant facts that have direct impact on clients’ decision making processes.
Brasidas Group leverages an extensive on-the-ground network, latest technology enablers, and subject matter experts to provide the required strategic insight and solutions.
Our client base includes global organizations, financial institutions, high net worth individuals, wealth managers, and law firms in the private sector, as well as NGOs, political administrations, government entities, and other geopolitical organizations in the public sector.
We recognize the uniqueness of clients’ requirements and offer customized services and innovative solutions that allow clients to face their challenges with confidence.
Brasidas Group’s focus is on:

  • Delivering Actionable Information
  • Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting
  • Complete Discretion
  • Reliability as a Trusted Ally
  • Flexible Information Collection in Dynamic Markets
  • Creative and Elegant Solutions

We track complex situations in difficult environments with complete cultural sensitivity and awareness, keen business acumen, and local immersion.