Brasidas Group AG attended the annual Luxembourg for Family Office event at Château de Septfontaines, held on 29 and 30 June 2017.

Themes of this event included the growing need for succession planning in family offices, wealth preservation for the next generation, with discussions centering around necessary elements for their successful implementation, including professional and high caliber staff a with clear understanding of long-term family office business strategy.  During the course of two days, various experiences and strategic views of family offices were exchanged, and the participants had the opportunity to learn more about social, ecological & environmental impact investing, geopolitical risk analysis, and risk mitigation, including security and fraud investigation.

Ms. Diana Diels, president of the Luxembourg for Family Office, opened the event with her talk “The Rise of Family Offices, the Rise is Still Ongoing,” during which she discussed the importance of preparation and planning for the preservation of family wealth over generations.

Her talk was followed by Mr. Eduard von Kymmel, Head of VP Fund Solutions, who introduced Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs) to the audience and described the benefits that those funds bring compared to other types of funds.

The participants had the opportunity to learn more about circular economy and its impact on the ecosystem during the talk by Mr. Jeannot Schroeder, a partner at PROgroup. Mr. Schroeder discussed the economic and societal rationale for moving toward a more circular economy, as well as the importance of a complete overhaul in the way we think about recycling and reusability of materials.

Following Mr. Schroeder’s talk, Ms. Larissa Best shared her experience with leading and advising small- to medium-sized companies, which represent the backbone of the European economy. Ms. Best emphasized the importance of filling the financial gap extant in Europe and the USA for these types of enterprises for the growth of both economies.

Mr. Andrej Bastar, CEO of Brasidas Group AG, spoke about the significance of proactive risk mitigation for family offices during his talk “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: Proactive Risk Mitigation for Family Offices.”  Mr. Bastar emphasized that for family offices, proactive threat and risk assessments should be done on a regular basis and as a preemptive measure to mitigate risk.  His talk included examples of diverse client cases for family offices that Brasidas Group AG has successfully dealt with in the past, including blackmail, travel safety, and security; due diligence on fund managers; investments; and geopolitical risk mitigation.

Lastly, Mr. Christian Schattenmann, Fund Manager at Bamboo Capital Partners, presented the project of electrification in Africa. His talk, “Leapfrogging Energy with Smart Virtual Grid: How Data is Driving Electrification in Africa,” was centered on off-the-grid households, alternatives to grid electrification, solar energy, and data gathering throughout Africa.

The day ended pleasantly with a networking lunch, aimed at catching up with old friends and networking with new ones.