Open Source Analyst (OSA) - belgrade

Brasidas Group is looking for an Open Source Analyst (OSA) to join its Belgrade office.

The OSA will be responsible for conducting open source research, including but not limited to the surface web, databases, and social media. The OSA must be able to conduct thorough, efficient, and precise research. He or she should be able to analyze and synthesize this information in concise and well-written reports, adhering to strict deadlines.

Duties and Tasks:

  • Conduct research using open source intelligence (OSINT) data as well as specialized OSINT tools and services

  • Use existing expertise as open source analyst to provide OSINT analysis and reporting in response to client and in-house requests and deliverables

  • Collaborate regularly with analysts in new reporting and products

  • Lead workshops and programs pertaining to OSINT analysis, providing input to curriculum development

  • Assess and provide recommendations on emerging OSINT methodologies and tools

  • Contribute to business development endeavors

Basic Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience conducting open source research and analysis

  • Experience accessing and using global and regional social media and other platforms

  • Knowledge of advanced Internet-based research, including Boolean logic, search engines, databases and registries

  • Bachelors degree

  • Complete fluency in English (spoken/written/read) with accompanying test scores

  • Employer references

Additional Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of additional foreign language

  • Knowledge of scripting languages and technologies

To apply, please send your CV and a writing sample in English to

Deadline for applications: 18.09.2019.

Junior Analyst - belgrade

Brasidas Group is looking for an entry-level Junior Analyst for its Belgrade office, available immediately. The Junior Analyst will be responsible for putting together reputational assessments, analyses, and studies. He or she must be able to assist senior-level analysts and project managers with due diligence inquiries, special investigative projects, and other duties.

The Junior Analyst must be a self-starter with strong research skills, including in open source (surface web, databases, social media) as well as the ability to garner insights from relevant human sources (HUMINT).

Duties and Tasks

The Junior Analyst will be responsible for several facts of project management and report writing, including but not limited to the following:

Project Management

  • Collect and synthesize relevant information from public records, as well as conduct interviews, identify sources, etc.

  • Collect, evaluate, and classify open source research as needed to supplement information collected, using online sources such as public registries, social media, academic literature, and web-based communities

  • Meet predetermined timelines and deliverables;

  • Manage project budget, where applicable;

  • Report on project progress as per defined parameters;

  • Information collection, analysis and report writing

  • Timely preparation of final report for submission.

Analytical Contributions/Article Writing

JAs will also contribute short articles throughout the year upon request by senior management.  These articles should cover a current industry related topic and will be utilized for marketing purposes and raising the profile of the JA and company.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field;

  • Understand what is actionable intelligence and how to expand on springboard information to complete the objectives;

  • A thorough understanding of what information can be found where and the ability to find sources with relevant access;

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to elicit information from sources;

  • Possess excellent research, analytical, writing and verbal communications skills;

  • Excellent time management and multi-tasking abilities;

  • Complete fluency in English (spoken/written/read) with accompanying test scores;

  • Employer references.

Additional Qualifications

  • Knowledge of additional foreign language(s)

  • Experience in project management and leading a team

Please attach your CV and a writing sample in English to the application.

Deadline for applications: 22.09.2019