Political and Security Risk Assessments in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Yemen;

Industry Landscaping Research in Pakistan, China, Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Libya, UAE;

Opinion Analysis and Political Scenario Mapping in China, Colombia, Serbia, Qatar, Syria;

Cyber Threat Monitoring focusing on Jihadi or criminal networks in Russia, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey;

Discreet Due Diligence in support of M&A activity in Angola, Israel, Iran, Syria, Russia, Kuwait, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina;

Conflict of Interest Investigations in Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Libya, Malaysia, UK, Switzerland;

KYC Enquiries for financial institutions in Iran, Libya, China, Thailand, Spain, France, Italy;

Corporate Investigations in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Russia, UAE, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Turkey, UAE, India;

Market Segment Research/Analysis in support of Hedge Funds and Private Equity in Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Kuwait, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, China, Russia, Indonesia, Libya, Morocco, Tajikistan.