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South America on the Brink: Unveiling the Tensions and Triggers of the Pending Conflict

30. November 20235 Min read

A recent Venezuela-Guyana border dispute spotlights Venezuela's upcoming December 3 referendum to annex Guyana Essequibo. Historical tensions, recent provocations, and the discovery...

From Kenya to Alpine Slopes: How Sabrina Simader is Making History

14. November 20239 Min read

This is the story about Sabrina Simader, the first African woman in the Ski World Cup and the second-ever Kenyan in the...

Resourceful Financing: How Palestinians Sustain Military Actions Against Israel

18. October 202311 Min read

A surprise attack on Israel from multiple fronts featured asymmetric and combined arms warfare tactics, shedding light on Palestine's military advancements and...

China: The Rise of a New Global Sea Power

11. September 20239 Min read

As part of its strategy for future economic growth, China has placed increased emphasis on the expansion of its shipbuilding programs, merchant...

What Makes World Leaders Tick: Exclusive Interview with Dr Kenneth Dekleva

31. August 202318 Min read

In an exclusive interview, Brasidas Group (BG) spoke with psychiatrist and former U.S. Department of State officer and medical expert Dr Kenneth...

Naftogaz is Aiming High: Will Ukraine’s Gas Be in Demand in the EU?

4. August 20237 Min read

Naftogaz of Ukraine is making a move to turn into one of the vital gas suppliers of the European Union if it...

We Need to Tell the Truth to Power: Interview with James “Jim” Lawler

21. July 202331 Min read

In an exclusive interview for Brasidas Group, James "Jim" Lawler reflects on the U.S. invasion of Iraq, ongoing protests in Iran, the...

Captagon Trade in Syria: The New Fertile Narco-State Crescent ​

10. July 20237 Min read

Syria has become the new fertile crescent for the drug trade in the region, developing into a production and distribution hub for...