What We Do

Provide Actionable Intelligence


Assessment of political, social, and economic stability to identify triggers, key drivers, and associated impact.

Products include:
  • National, Economic, Environmental, and Social Threat Investigations
  • Country and Business Risk Analysis
  • Relationship and Political Mapping
  • Opinion Analysis and Political Scenario Mapping
  • Corporate and Individual Influence Mapping

& Due Diligence

Brasidas Group conducts tailor-made financial and business-relevant investigations, risk assessments, and provides litigation & commercial dispute support to maximize awareness and minimize risks.

Products include:
  • Corporate and Individual Due Diligence
  • Reputational Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Crisis Management and Advisory
  • Fraud, Conflict of Interest and Insider Trading Investigations
  • Litigation Support Investigations
  • Asset Tracing and Beneficial Ownership Investigations

& Market

By utilizing a vetted, proprietary network of contacts, markets and industries are analyzed in detail to establish local atmospherics, identify opportunities, and conduct power structure profiling and influence channels mapping to provide clients with a competitive edge.

Products include:
  • Market and Product Research
  • Market Entry and Feasibility Research Support
  • Industry Landscaping Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence Studies


Provision and analysis of local insights to develop scenarios to predict risks and evaluate the impact of various decision-making outcomes. The service is globally oriented, with insight and analysis easily adaptable to a region, or industry of interest.

Products include:
  • Forecasting Election Outcomes
  • Determining Political and Economic Stability
  • Anticipating the Impact of Global Trends
  • Black Swan Events